Swimming Pool filtration systems

Requirement for an optimum use of Ultra-Bio- Ozone® system

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Swimming pool filtration system with ozone injection

Swimming pool filtration system is easy to install, it is delivered assembled “Ready to install” it should be installed vertically with a by-pass on the return line of the water in the basin, at the end, after all of element of filtration and heater.

  • You can either cut the pipe and insert the system in the place, or, if the place doesn’t allow it, divert to the system. All of the water who returns in the bath must pass the system.
  • Have a filter media 5-10 microns compose with grain of recycled glass AFM® (The filter is similar to sand and glass).
  • The nozzle restart regularly, in preference at the bottom of walls or on the floor of the swimming pool, encourages the diffusion of ozone during the ozone shock (Recommended for the new basins). Be careful to respect starting levels of the nozzle, because the ozone will go to the nozzle the highest without supply the other outlets.
  • Avoid the collar of swans or all others up/down of the discharge pipes for prevent the microbubbles to recompose into large bubbles this will produce the noise at the outlet of Backflow.
  • To filling the bath verify the rate of limestone of water, if it is important it is necessary to act and decrease this rate, because the limestone like the phosphates can be later a major cause of proliferation of algae.
  • Remove the phosphates in water, with an anti-phosphate (algae).
  • Ozone choc have to be from 6 to 8 hours a day when there is no bathers, for example the night (the system is automated and programmable, except the models ECO).
  • In all of normal operating modes or ozone choc, the air bubbles/ozone must arrive in the nozzles of your swimming pool in large quantities, if in one of operating modes, there is no air bubble/ozone or much less than in another mode, stop the system immediately and contact us.
  • For a good brewing of the water in the bath, a robot (floor, walls, and water line) is obligatory, the start-up of the robot at least every 2 hours during the ozone choc will allow diffusion of ozone more effective in the basin.
  • A flocculation is strongly recommended after 1 week of working or after every changing of important water (more than 30%).
  • The rate of pH has to be 7.2. Installation of an automatic regulator is strongly recommended.
  • If all of conditions is present, chemical products are no need, even in case of high heat (which is excluded green water in exceptional cases of contaminations), in all cases water will be corrected rapidly by ozone choc continue.
  • Do for future of our children, it’s never too late!!!
  • Even though it requires more attention, choose for an effective alternatives and healthy, who remove completely the use of chemical products.

Swimming pool filtration: If all the conditions are met, no chemicals are necessary, even during periods of high heat (a green color of the water cannot be ruled out in exceptional cases of contamination, however). In all cases, the quality of the water will be quickly restored by continuous shock ozonization.

Let’s take action for the future of our children… It’s never too late!
Even if it takes more care, go for an alternative that is as healthy as it works, one that completely eliminates the use of chemicals.

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® switzerland.

Disinfection of water by uv and ecologic ecological ozone a reference of efficiency and quality for drinking water and the treatment of SPA pools the system is equipped with a device of deozonation

The Ultra-Bio-Ozone® Water Treatment System

is effective because it combines UV and Ozone.

Two completely different processes, working in tandem for disinfection and
biological sterilization of complete water of high quality,

without chlorine or chemicals.





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