Model: UBO 240C / 80 m3


UV treatment

UV treatment. Bath in pure, healthy, natural water, 100% organic.
Benefit from a very high quality water treatment and control your budget !!!
Ultra-Bio-Ozone® expands its range and presents a new model: UBO 240C
Thanks to a patented injection process * the treatment of swimming pool and spa water no longer requires any chemical.

UBO 240C / 80 m3

  • For swimming pool / spa up to 80 m3
  • Filtration pump flow rate 14 m3/h
  • Weight 32 kg
  • 304 L stainless steel
  • 1 UV-C lamp 105 W
  • 2 Ozone lamps 80 W
  • Contact chamber – yes “Small”
  • Injection pump for the flocculant / coagulant (or other) – yes
  • Ozone production – 2-4 g / h
  • Inlet / outlet diameter 2 inches (DN50)
  • Height 104 cm x Length 50 cm x Width 34 cm

Mounting Stainless Steel frame
For customers who require natural water, chemical-free water, with unique bathing comfort at a extremely attractive price.

Swiming pool treatment

Bathing in pure, healthy, natural, 100% organic water.

* The principle of the patent includes 2 modes of operation:

  • Mode 1 normal : when bathers are present, the device eliminates the ozone before the water leaves the system to prohibit any rejection in the basin.
  • Mode 2 ozone shock : when the pool is not used, for example at night, it is the activation of shock ozonization that completely replaces all the residual chemicals.

Attention: circulation pump, filter, pH / ORP regulation, heaters, etc. are not included in the bacteriological treatment system.
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water treatment without chemical


Specialists in 100% organic water and surface treatment. Ultra Bio Ozone is also a manufacturer and seller of hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis and water vending machines. From catalogue or custom-made.


combines UV and ozone. Two completely different processes, working in tandem to disinfect and sterilise water without chlorine or chemicals.

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