Pyramid Air Protect®

By Ultra-Bio-Ozone®

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air and surface purifier
air and surface purifier

Air and surface purifier by UV, ozone and plasma

Air and surface purifier is a vital tool for sterilization and disinfection

Air and surface purifier. Particularly highlighted for the moment, treating air and surfaces in your environment is an important health issue for you and your family. Pyramid Air Protect® has a triple treatment function to clean your environment by eliminating 99.99% of pathogens such as virus and Bacteria (See here certificate) including volatile organic compounds

air and surface purifier


Filtration “High Efficiency Particulate Air” (HEPA) est une norme d’efficacité du filtration de l’air.
HEPA 14 retient les particules d’aérosol pathogènes telles que les virus, bactéries, polluant PM2,5, allergènes, etc.

air and surface purifier

Mode Plasma (optional)

Plasma is responsible for generating ions which, thanks to electrostatic phenomenon, melts particles and microorganisms present in air to ground.

air and surface purifier

Mode UV-C (optional)

Installed in the center of filter without direct contact with the outside, UV-C lamp destroys viruses and germs that are retained by HEPA 14 filter, this configuration keeps the filter free from contamination.
Double HEPA and UV-c filter treatment guarantees perfectly clean air.

air and surface purifier

Mode Boost Ozone (optional)

This mode can only be activated without human or animal presence, it allows to deeply treat and eliminate all pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces and in the air, up to 10 m around Pyramid Air Protect®. A visual and audible alarm indicates its operation. This mode can be activated manually or automatically by programming.

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Store of Pyramid Air Protect®

Air and surface purifier 3 techniques: UV, plasma and Ozone certified by an independent European laboratory against virus

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Pyramid home is small and easy to move. Suitable for small rooms

air and surface purifier


Pyramid is suitable for larger rooms, Office, Living Room, Fitness and school.

air and surface purifier

"Effective air and surface treatment, remove 99.99% of Virus and Bacteria"

"Eliminate odor, harmful bacteria and microorganisms"

"Giving clean environment even in tiny corners"

"No chemical treatment used Certified by a laboratory"


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