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Imagine for a moment: you’re getting ready treatment to plunge into your Nordic bath, the water heated to a gentle temperature of 38°C. You’re about to enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being, but have you ever thought about the quality of the water in which you’re immersing yourself? It plays an essential role in the overall experience of your Nordic bath. The harmony between filtration quality and bacteriological treatment is the key to ensuring clean and healthy water.

Filtration quality

Filtration quality: ensuring purity

The filtration quality of your Nordic bath is the first line of defense against impurities and suspended particles in the water. An efficient filtration system will capture debris, leaves, sand, and other contaminants that could otherwise tarnish the water’s quality. High-quality filtration ensures that the water in your Nordic bath remains clear and crystal clear.


The filtration/treatment adequacy

The harmony between filtration quality and bacteriological treatment is crucial to maintain pure and healthy water at 38°C. High-quality filtration removes coarse impurities, while bacteriological treatment takes care of undesirable microorganisms.
Together, these two elements form a winning combination that preserves the quality of the water in your Nordic bath. Effective filtration reduces the workload of bacteriological treatment, while the latter ensures that the water remains free of harmful bacteria and germs.

Bacteriological treatment

Bacteriological treatment: ensuring health

Bacteriological treatment aims to eliminate bacteria, germs, and microbial contaminants from the water. In the context of a Nordic bath at 38°C, where heat can promote bacterial growth, it is essential to adopt a rigorous approach to maintain healthy water.
Bacteriological treatment systems can use various methods, including ozone and UV. Ozone, for example, is particularly effective at destroying microorganisms while being environmentally friendly and producing no chemical residues.

Nordic bath

In conclusion

When you relax in your Nordic bath at 38°C, the water you find yourself in is much more than just a landscape element. It is the fundamental element of your experience. Ensure that filtration quality and bacteriological treatment are in harmony, as this union will allow you to enjoy a pure, healthy, and revitalizing Nordic bath with every dip. Take care of your well-being by taking care of your water.