Benefits of connected objects for the pool

Connected objects have invaded our lives in many areas. Connected watches configured for our jogging, remote controls for the house, they are now well anchored in our daily life. It is therefore only logical that home automation should be applied to our swimming pools, places which, of all places, require special care and attention. More and more connected devices facilitate the filtration and treatment of your pool water, but also ensure the safety and comfort of its users. They also allow you to make substantial savings by controlling the management of chemicals used to purify the water.

Water control

The water in the pool must be monitored very regularly to ensure good hygiene conditions.

If you are considering investing in a minimum of connected objects for the maintenance of your pool, the first choice is undoubtedly a water analyser. This device is a must: a real-time analysis informs you as soon as the water quality of your pool loses quality, allowing you to make certain adjustments at the right time by remote controls.

A connected water analyser can help you avoid overdosing on chemicals such as chlorine, and ultimately avoid frequent shock treatments. A lot of useful information can be consulted, such as

  • The pH of the water
  • Chlorine level
  • Salt content
  • Water conductivity
  • Water hardness
  • Water temperature

Water analysis and maintenance go hand in hand: many connected water treatment devices (Remote controls) exist to make your life easier.

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Pool maintenance

A poorly disinfected pool, over-chlorination or too much acidity are health risks, so water maintenance is the most important criterion to take into account.

A connected filtration system is probably the most complete solution in terms of maintenance. The chore of cleaning is over, or at least for you, since a home automation system will allow you to manage it remotely, from a box or an Android or iOS mobile application, depending on the manufacturer. Imagine, for example, starting the water treatment in your second home the day before you leave on holiday…

The most elaborate home automation interfaces, such as that of the Ultra Bio Ozone brand, will allow you to regulate the dosage of maintenance products, the duration of filtration, program the vacuuming of waste or even modify the water temperature from a single interface.


Private swimming pools are the cause of approximately 1000 drownings each year. Connected equipment designed to prevent accidents should therefore be considered with particular attention.

The connected pool alarm, for example, has all the features of a classic pool alarm and alerts you if you fall into the water, but it can also send you notifications when someone enters the pool. As children tend to take advantage of every moment of inattention to get out of sight, a connected alarm will be a great relief to all parents.

In the same vein, it is possible to equip children with bracelets connected to a beacon placed in the pool. Audible alerts warn of immersion or failure to keep within certain distances.

Finally, connected measuring tools allow the measurement of UVs, which helps to avoid the harmful effects of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

comfort of smart lighting

The comfort of smart lighting

There are many advantages to having your own pool lighting.

Besides creating a special atmosphere for an evening by the pool, it is also safety to have lighting around the pool. Manufacturers offer a wide range of remotely controllable LED lamps that are both economical and environmentally friendly. Most of them can even be switched on according to certain predefined themes from the application, with colour changes, intensity changes, etc.


Saving time and money is a promise that connected objects can keep.

According to the connected installations, the filling of the water and its treatment are managed automatically, which limits your interventions to a minimum. These systems are also part of an eco-responsible logic, since automatic filling and calibrated maintenance ultimately save a lot of water each year.

The same applies to maintenance products: connected filtration systems lead to less use of chemical products and therefore to significant savings, for example in chlorine.

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A final word : connect your Wifi

Connected objects for swimming pools greatly enhance the swimming experience. The constant innovations in this field allow you to enjoy your relaxing moments with complete peace of mind, letting your app manage the maintenance, comfort and safety of your loved ones. However, you will need to have a connection and a free hand !