Autonomous water purification unit by solar panel

Drinking water machine
Production capacity: 3,000 liters of drinking water per 24 h.
Possible configuration: water treatment unit without a photovoltaic module.

Drinking water machine by solar panel system

  • Easy maintenance
  • Adaptable to any type of water.
  • Simple to install, delivered mounted ” ready to install ”.
  • Total autonomy by the solar panel (s) and batteries.
  • The fiberglass crate is waterproof, so it can be exposed to rain.
  • Very low maintenance cost, thanks to the use of automatic or manual filter washing.

Typical configuration for obtaining drinking water from surface water
(adjustable according to the properties of the water of origin and the quality required):

  1. Coarse pre-filtration (manual washing).
  2. Feed pump.
  3. Average pre-filtration (automatic washing).
  4. Fine pre-filtration (automatic washing).
  5. UV sterilizer – Ozone.
  6. Membrane filtration (automatic washing).
  7. An integrated tank of 160 liters in stainless steel.
  8. Ozone injection into the tank.
  9. Delivery pump 15 liters/minute at 3 bar pressure.
  10. Pressure ball made of stainless steel.
  11. Post-UV sterilizer.
  12. Post-filter activated carbon.

All filter bodies are 304 stainless steel food.

Drinking water machine

2 batteries: battery life of 4 days, with a minimum production of 1,000 liters per 24 hours during days without sun.

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® switzerland.

Specialists in 100% organic water and surface treatment. Ultra Bio Ozone is also a manufacturer and seller of hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis and water vending machines. From catalogue or custom-made.


combines UV and ozone. Two completely different processes, working in tandem to disinfect and sterilise water without chlorine or chemicals.




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