Four factors affecting the effect of ozone air disinfection

Ozone air disinfection, I believe that everyone does not agree that the ozone air purifier uses high-voltage voltage and uses a certain high frequency to create a virus field, which makes the oxygen molecules in the field electro-chemically react to produce ozone. The purpose of disinfection and odor removal. At present, it is one of the most widely used disinfection and sterilization methods in the 21st century. It is widely used in production workshops, schools, and reproductive fields for comprehensive disinfection and sterilization treatment. However, many domestic enterprises and individuals have a blind understanding of ozone air disinfection. There are many problems in the use and purchase of ozone air disinfection. They do not know how to use ozone air disinfection to achieve the predetermined disinfection and sterilization effect. Let’s talk about the four major factors affecting the disinfection effect.

Ozone formation commercially from UV light

ozone air disinfection, désinfection de l'air à l'ozone, disinfection and sterilization treatment

Ozone can be formed via UV light similar to how it is producednaturally. Using a UV light tuned for UB production at 185 nm wavelength ozone will be produced.

“Pyramid Air Protect® has an ozone mode to eliminate viruses”

The dosage of ozone air disinfection

The ozone generator generate a certain amount of ozone for disinfection and sterilization. If the ozone in the room does not meet the standard, the concentration of ozone will be insufficient!  It cannot effectively kill air viruses and cannot achieve the purpose of purifying the air. Therefore, when calculating the ozone dosage, we must consider that the ozone air purifier loses ozone when it is working. If it leaks through doors and windows, or runs away from the house gap, estimate the ozone dosage in advance to ensure sufficient ozone sterilization to kill virus and bacteria in the room .

Uniformity of ozone produced

We all know that the air is not flowing. When using the ozone air purification, we must ensure that the ozone concentration in the air can be evenly distributed in each space, and there will be no excessive concentration in some places. Harm to the human body, some ozone concentration is too low to produce sterilization. Therefore, when we are purchasing an Pyramid Air protect, we must choose a disinfection machine with an ozone generator that can deliver ozone over a long distance, and also consider using different ozone air disinfection in different scenarios, such as: mobile ozone disinfection for urgent use The production workshop can choose the ceiling-type ozone air disinfection, after all, the workshop space is large, and several ozone sterilization are needed.

The performance of the ozone generation

We use any ozone machine work like a Pyramid Air Protect®, the disinfection and sterilization effect will be better in the early stage, and the effect will be worse and worse in the later stage, so the performance of the ozone generator is more important, and the better ozone The generator will always produce ozone constantly. Of course, the quality of the ozone generator is also related to the power adaptability of the ozone. The stable power matching will make the ozone generator always produce ozone stably to achieve the purpose of sterilizing and sterilizing.

ozone air disinfection, disinfection and sterilization treatment

Figure 2 – Ultra-violet lamp method: Oxygen turns into ozone after it is hit with UV light from a UV generating bulb(Adapted form Ozone Solution, 2007).

Time of the ozone generated

The market ozone generator basically produces ozone instantly, but because the room is relatively large, it takes a lot of time to produce ozone, and the ozone concentration takes a certain time to accumulate, so we are using ozone disinfection machines Try to allow the generator to work for 1 hour to 1 hour half at the time to achieve the purpose of effective sterilization and disinfection.
The above are the four major factors that influence the effect of ozone air disinfection summarized by Lideng environmental protection. Of course, there are other minor factors that affect the disinfection, such as air environment temperature, humidity, room tightness, room temperature should not exceed 38 degrees, humidity It is best to control it at about 60% to achieve the purpose of sterilizing and killing viruses. Ozone air purifier.

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