The stainless steel bottle

Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are produced around the world. In France, more than 300,000 tonnes of plastic PET bottles are used each year. Even though our recycling capacities are growing, too little plastic is actually recycled. Only 49% of these plastic bottles will be, the rest being thrown away and continuing to threaten marine ecosystems. New solutions must be constantly studied to stop this ecological disaster. What if simple utensils could help us? Unlike plastic water bottles, the stainless steel water bottle has the advantage of being ecological and reusable. This utensil is not only eco-responsible, but also beneficial to our own well-being. It also has a number of attributes that make it an object that deserves its place in our daily lives.

An eco-responsible approach

Reducing plastic waste has become a goal that many countries are trying to implement. At a time when we are talking about a seventh ocean in reference to plastic, a real about-face is necessary: ​​the debate should come to a stop and destruction of plastic bottles rather than recycling. The choice of alternative containers is a solution within everyone’s reach. The use of the stainless steel bottle is an important step to limit this waste. It can replace the use of plastic bottles at home, avoid the purchase of these same bottles on the go, or even replace cups at the coffee machine and water dispenser.

an ecological personal object, eco-responsible
The stainless steel bottle

No impact on our health

The stainless steel bottle avoids exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), which is present in plastic bottles and has a serious impact on our health. ANSES has demonstrated its link to certain cardiovascular diseases and its harmful effects on reproductive capacity. As a result, the marketing of baby bottles containing BPA has been banned in Europe since 2011.

Due to its hygienic properties, stainless steel is a leading material in the food industry. It is resistant to bacteria and mould and does not release particles like plastic, which can become dangerous when exposed to light or temperature variations.
Its isothermal properties also ensure that your water stays cool for 24 hours, as well as keeping your hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

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A personal object with multiple advantages


Since the stainless steel bottle is reusable, it has an extended life span which makes it unbeatable in ecological terms, but also… economical !

Considering that a plastic water bottle costs an average of 50 cents per litre and that it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily, the cost of our water consumption can be estimated at 273.75 euros per year.

Depending on the model, a stainless steel water bottle costs between 20 and 40 euros and therefore pays for itself quickly. By carrying it with you, you can not only benefit from the drinking water available in public fountains, but also avoid buying expensive bottles of water sold in motorway service areas, trains, etc…

A trendy accessory

Driven by the zero-waste movement, the stainless steel water bottle has almost become a fashion accessory. It can be personalised to suit all tastes and is now available in all sizes and colours. A true modern trend object, it is as eye-catching as any other decorative object, which allows it to convert new followers to its cause.

Stronger than plastic

The stainless steel water bottle is unbreakable and will last for many years. Stainless steel was first used for its strength. It does not deform in case of shocks, resists corrosion and temperature variations.

Easy to clean

This material is very easy to clean. It doesn’t even need any cleaning products, tap water is sufficient. If you use your bottle for fruit juices, you will still need to clean it with soap. Note that a stainless steel bottle can be washed in the dishwasher without any problem.


In conclusion : a daily must-have

At home, at the office, for all types of travel, the stainless steel water bottle remains useful throughout your day. Easily transportable, it allows you to stay hydrated without depending on commercial plastic bottles, but rather to take advantage of all the public water points, company water fountains and distributors that are developing nowadays.